Publish the Project

We have now finished building our project pipeline and we are ready to make it public by publishing the project. This allows the pipeline to be tested using a cURL command in a terminal.

Making the project public means making the project's endpoints (the API) available to generate actual responses to requests. It allows you to test your API with a working cURL or Powershell command.

If you make any changes to the mappings or pipeline, you need to republish the project.

To publish the project, simply click the Publish button which always floats at the top of a project. This opens a dialog which provides some information including publishing history.

In this dialog, click Publish Project. If any errors where found in the pipeline, error messages will appear here. Click the X icon to close the dialog.

Publish project

Although you may only want to publish and test one endpoint, all pipelines in the project are published.

Next Step
Next Step

To continue, see Test the endpoint.