Publish the project

We have now finished building our project pipeline and we are ready to make it public. This allows the pipeline to be tested.

If you make any changes to the mappings or pipeline, you need to publish the project again.

Making the project public means making the project's endpoints (the API) available to generate actual responses to requests. It allows you to test your API with a working cURL or Powershell command.

You can publish a project from either the Project dashboard or the Pipeline dashboard.

The following shows the Project dashboard with a summary of all available endpoints in the project. Click Publish Project.

Publishing project from Project dashboard

Although you may only want to publish and test one endpoint, all pipelines in the project are published.

The following shows the Pipeline dashboard. Click Publish Project.

If your project had no errors, a confirmation message appears:

The project has been successfully published.

If any errors are found in the pipeline, error messages will appear.

Next Step
Next Step

To continue, see Test the endpoint.