Test the endpoint

Now that we have published the project, let's go ahead and test our endpoint. We can use either a cURL command or a PowerShell command. We will use a cURL command.

Bearer Token Expires Daily - For security reasons, the bearer token is refreshed daily. You will need to update the token if you republish the project after the token has expired, usually after a period of 24 hours.

Click the Copy icon to copy the command

Below Publish Project is a preview of the command. Click cURL to generate a cURL command, the click the Copy icon.

The following has been formatted for readability.

curl \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--request GET \

Let's run the command in a terminal.

cURL command in a terminal

Here is the response in a more readable form.

"base_price_EUR": 23456.78,
"engine_type_id": 547290,
"extras": [
"fuel_consumption_lkm": 12.6,
"in_stock": true,
"model_id": 947432,
"topspeed_kmh": 220,
"variant_id": "QLM_KROSUS_4_DOORS_LIMO"

HTTP Gateway Timeout: On a Xapix cloud instance, timeout is 1 minute for entire pipeline, including all data sources. Error is returned and pipeline aborted after timeout.

That's it. Done. You should now have a good idea of how to create a basic pipeline using several data sources, and how to publish and test the endpoint in a terminal.