Create a REST Endpoint

Xapix provides several ways of making endpoints. Using the Create new REST Endpoint button on the Project dashboard, you select an HTTP method and provide a path for the endpoint. Xapix provides a method to automatically generate an endpoint from a connector.

As we have created our Quickstart tutorial connectors, let's just use one of them to quickly create an endpoint. For example, using the connector findEngineByID, the following endpoint is automatically created.


Each connector on the Available Connectors page includes a dropdown menu containing an option to automatically create a mapping with a connector. Xapix creates a request and an endpoint that are mapped to the connector.

Xapix automatically generates a pipeline that includes an endpoint using the connector.

A key feature of the Pipeline dashboard is using drag and drop to map attributes in one unit to parameters in another unit. You simply drag an attribute from a unit over to a placeholder for a parameter in a second unit.




Click Connectors from the Home menu. This lists the available data sources to your project.


Locate the data source findEngineById in the list of connectors.


Click the down arrow at the end of a Connector row to reveal the Options menu for the selected connector.


Click Create mapping with Connector. Xapix then generates an endpoint and a pipeline.

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To continue, see View mappings.